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Pink Floyd

This is a personal page. It is very outdated. You might consider visiting Nick Durland's page instead.

Pink Floyd Home Page
Pink Floyd home page by Greg Humphreys.
Pink Floyd discography
Pink Floyd discography by Frank Rössler, based on the "Mother of all Pink Floyd discographies" by Aaro Koskinen.
alt.music.pink-floyd (news)
Usenet newsgroup.
EchoesFAQ 3.5
List of Frequently Asked Questions of newsgroup alt.music.pink-floyd.
Archive by David Henkemeyer including a history of past posts, some speculation, and relevent pictures.
Pink Floyd Guitar Archive
From the Guitar Archive at Nevada University.
Features mainly pictures.
Dolly Rocker, the Syd Barrett home page
With articles, lyrics, and more, by St. Rev. Dr. Michael Hamilton.
WWW site for the RoIO Database
WWW site for the RoIO Database.
Floater Home Page
Home page of the band ``Floater''.

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