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Howdy there, I am Khasalinn, one of the mortals on Albion. Welcome to my WWW page! Give Vincent a hug from me, as he is the one who is so kind to provide me with this opportunity. He also provided me with an email addres: <khasalinn@xs4all.nl>.

I looked, but I'm afraid I wasn't able to find any picture of myself to put here. On the other hand, that's good too: you get to use your imagination!

I'm not so often on Albion these days. Even when I'm logged on, you'll often just find me sleeping in the tavern, call it kind of absentminded. I'm so used to it, I don't even hear Mossmyrth any more there.

I put a lot of time into helping the utter novices, conveniently and without disrespect called newbies. I even dared name myself a newbie champion once, but maybe I don't spend enough time on Albion to justify that. Lots of people give many things to newbies, but I think that's not the way to go. What you should do is show them around, explain a lot, and generally be very patient. I usually give them a guitar fairly soon, when I get the impression they might be there to stay. I'll find them a weapon, not give them a 1000 coin one. I show them the important places, you know which. Sometimes I take them into a party, but I'm not sure if they are more confused by that than when I make them follow me around themselves.

Oops... that got a bit out of hand. Maybe I am qualified to be called newbie champion? (smirk)

Did you know there are other Albion characters who have WWW pages? I have (or sometimes, had) links to Aileigc, Ardana, Brower, Cazbol, Darkcape, Darkshadow (disappeared), Elizium (disappeared), Genoveva, Gerwin, Goewyn (disappeared), Ishtar, Ishtar (yes, twice), Jackd (disappeared), Katyra, Khasalinn, Lightknight, Minkiowskij (disappeared), MrBlack, MkCerusky, PeaceMaker, Perce, Raels, Sol, Tazz, and Vitaly (disappeared). (Don't people keep their homepages where they put them any more these days? Too much is disappearing...)

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