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ddns, a DynDNS client


General Information

ddns modifies a dynamic DNS hostname registered at dyndns.org. It has been designed for unix systems, specifically GNU/Linux. You may be able to port it to other unices. I'd like to know about successes there.

The latest version is 2.4.6. It contains some cleanups and minor bug fixes over 2.4.0, and I declared it out of beta as of 2.4.1. You're welcome to try it and use it under GPL. It's probably useful if you're satisfied by the features below. New features in 2.4.0 were: MX records and wildcards.

Important Notice

ddns is deprecated. It uses an old protocol that has been obsoleted on 31 December 2001. You're welcome to use the source code, but there won't be an update to the newer update protocol in the forseeable future. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time for it. Besides, there are plenty of alternative update clients.

If you use ddns now, it produces the following error message:

Unexpected response code: 410 Gone
DynDNS return code not found
DynDNS error code not found
Then it exits with exit status 2. This means that the HTTP update page that ddns used has been removed, and it's not coming back. Really. So please remove your scripted updates if you still have them and fetch another client.


Currently, ddns has these features:

The following features are still missing:

Unfortunately, I cannot find the time to really upgrade ddns right now. Ddns will remain in a deprecated state for an indefinite period.


Version     Released     Size
2.4.6       2000-09-29  22646  archive signature md5sum
2.4.5       2000-08-24  22648  archive signature md5sum
2.4.4       2000-05-09  22457  archive signature md5sum
2.4.3       2000-04-01  20985  archive signature md5sum
2.4.2       2000-02-27  20985  archive signature md5sum
2.4.1       2000-02-13  20710  archive signature md5sum
2.4.0-beta  1999-12-25  20588  archive signature md5sum
2.3.1-beta  1999-11-30  18110  archive signature md5sum

More general information:
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