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Vincent Zweije


About Me

Ah, hello there, let me introduce myself; my name is Vincent Zweije. Welcome to my WWW page! Let me tell you something about myself.

One of my hobbies is long distance running, which I do at my athletics club, U-Track (Dutch). I'm also involved in ballroom dancing, games in general, and specifically backgammon. Occasionally you can find me on the First Internet Backgammon Server. I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. I'm a moderate new Pink Floyd fan, and lately I have also developed a fancy for Marillion's music. You may also come across me on Albion, a multi user dungeon, where I play Khasalinn.

Currently, I am a developer at WCC, where I do some mightily interesting work on the match engine called ELISE. My curriculum vitae is available online (also in Dutch)

I maintain a few pages on various subjects; of course you're welcome to read these:

On My Pages

My philosophy is one of quality, not of presentation. I believe that quality presents itself. I also believe that quality is characterised by brevity. You will find no flashy pages by me on WWW, but the information content is high. I'm not putting things here to make it look pretty, I'm serving information. If you want to know what's here, read it. If you don't want to know, just go away. I have no desire whatsoever to force my views onto you. This may sound boring, but if you're looking for content, I'm your man. (Boy, am I sounding gruff here. I don't really mean it that way (smirk).)

My Latest Motto

If you love something, set it free. If it doesn't come back, it was never yours to begin with.

More general information

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